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Earn N1000 each time you refer a new customer to i-naira.com. Terms & Conditions apply

  1. Register on i-naira.com with your phone number. (Registration cost N2000)
  2. Verify your phone number with the OTP (One Time Pass) sent to your phone. Verification system is put in place to protect our users.
  3. Enter your bank account details for receiving payments from i-naira.com (this enables the system pay you immediately when you refer a customer.
  4.  Enter the phone number of the user who referred you to i-naira.com - this enables the system to recognise the customer who invited you to join i-naira.com
  5.  Enter payment details and make a one-time subscription payment of N2,000 This payment is made on interswitch online payment systems. We do not store your ATM Card information on our system
  6. Click on DEALS to select and subscribe to available deals of the day. Terms and Conditions apply
  7. Earn instant N1,000 for every new user you introduce. Make money while helping us build our customer base. Fulfil deal conditions and earn the bonus cash amount 
  8. 9. You are at liberty to start a new deal each time your old deal expires or completed
  9. Please note, there are no down-lines or residual income, you only earn once from anyone you refer.
  10. This is a single level marketing strategy (safe online marketing model that protects the brand and the users). This is not a multi-level marketing scheme.
  11. We implemented this system as a brand activation strategy aimed at rewarding our customers with N1000 each time they refer a new customer to our platform. This strategy is deilibrately geared towards supporting our drive to build a robust bidder's base, thus the need for incentives that will motivate our customers to sell our brand to their trust circle. Our core is auctioning.
  12. For instance, when we offer you to earn a total N28,000 on a deal you subscirbed to, you will be required to introduce 16 new users to i-Naira.com in 8 days. For each user you refer, you will earn N1000, so when you complete the task of referring 16 new customers, you would have earned N16,000 instantly deposited to your bank account. Subsequently, we will pay your outstanding of N12,000 to your bank account. Please note, you only earn from the efforts you put in. 
  13. Each registration fee is N2000, and the above existing customer is required to refer 16 new users to earn the Cash Deal worth N28,000.
  14. The customer will generate N2000 per user introduced and will earn 50% of N2000 (N1000) per lead. Thus when he/she introduces 16 users in 8 days, the customer would have earned N16,000 plus the bonus cash of N12,000.
  15. All these rewards are within the marketing effort of the customer and income earned per lead and no more. When the time for the deal elapses (8 days), the deal closes and the customer is at liberty to select any other deal on display and subscribe to it.
  16. Thank you for your interest in our VALUE BARGAIN PLATFORM